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Smoking causes one third of all cancer deaths in Northern Ireland and is our greatest cause of preventable ill health. It not only increases the risk of cancer for the smoker but also for everyone else around them.

Help to stop smoking

Our award-winning Stop Smoking service is funded by the Public Health Agency (PHA) in GP practices, health and wellbeing centres, community, workplace and youth settings – including schools. See here for details of our clinics.

Our Stop Smoking support services consistently have a quit success rate of 68% in four weeks – well above the NICE guideline of 35%.

We will come to your workplace to help smokers and we provide Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) as well as behavioural support. This gives smokers handy access to support in one place.

We look at overcoming the fear of quitting, coping with cravings, managing stress, avoiding weight gain and adjusting to a better lifestyle.


Gerard Rogan in workplace

For further details about our Stop Smoking service please contact us on 028 9066 3281 or email

Local man Gerard Rogan quit after 11 years of smoking with support from our Stop Smoking service. Read his story here.


NI Smokers’ Helpline – 0808 812 8008

Our specially trained advisers provide telephone support to smokers who want to quit and will send you a Quitkit pack.

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The clock ticks

Every day 430 children become smokers in the UK. That's

since the consultation on standard packs closed. Tell the Government to act.

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