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Donations in lieu of flowers for John Crosslé

In memory of John Crosslé

John Crosslé died on 31st August 2014 aged 83 years. His family requested that Cancer Focus Northern Ireland was to benefit from donations in lieu of flowers. We appreciate everyone who donated in John’s memory – we have received over £1500 in donations – and I know the Crosslé family join me in their gratitude.

John’s career was a long and fruitful one. The company he founded in 1957, the Crosslé Car Company, is the world’s longest surviving manufacturer of customer racing cars.  In January 2013 John was awarded an MBE, adding to his 2010 Honorary Doctorate of Science from the University of Ulster for services to engineering and manufacturing. Based right here in Northern Ireland, John not only designed and manufactured racing cars but helped carve the careers of some of the industry’s biggest names.

Caroline, John’s daughter, explained that her father had survived bowel cancer 21 years ago and as a result he was always very keen to support local cancer research. All research that we carry out is based locally and we have invested over £11 million towards it. If you would like to know more about our research or the help we can provide, please call us on 028 9066 3281 or visit our website on

Again, thank you for all the donations and letters in memory of John – I am sure he is missed by many.

Many people find it comforting to donate in memory of a loved one, or to make donations in lieu of flowers when someone close to them has died.  We send handwritten ‘Thank you’ cards to everyone that donates in memory.  Donating in lieu of flowers is a meaningful and positive way to remember someone, whilst helping others in our local community.

To find out more about this special way of supporting Cancer Focus Northern Ireland please email or phone 028 9068 0752.



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