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Gift in Will

It is very easy to keep putting off making or changing a Will. But the reality is that making, or even updating, a Will is easy. It will also give you peace of mind and know that your wishes will be carried out. The most important thing is to use a solicitor, who does this every day of their life.

Our vision is to see a day when cancer is no longer a life-threatening disease. You can be part of making our vision a reality.

After you have made provision for family and friends, please consider leaving a gift in your Will to Cancer Focus Northern Ireland. By leaving just 1% to Cancer Focus Northern Ireland and 99% to your family, you will be making a difference.

It won’t cost you anything now but your investment will make a huge impact on future generations. Gifts in Wills play such a huge part as they are invested in our local ground-breaking cancer research. No matter how big or small your gift is, you will be doing something amazing by making a lasting difference.

3 steps to making a Will:

  1. Find a solicitor
  2. Write your Will
  3. Make a donation

3 types of gifts:

  1. Residuary – leave a share of your estate – this is the most valuable gift to us
  2. Pecuniary – leave a fixed amount of money
  3. Specific – leave a particular item

If you would like any further information email or call 028 9068 0745.



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